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air fryer hash browns


6 servings




15 minutes




Best golden, crispy shredded hash browns are easy to make with just 3 ingredients.

Why You'll Love it

- Hand shredded potatoes - Healthy + gluten-Free - 1 Tablespoon of oil


Step 1

Using a box grater, carefully shred the potatoes.

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Step 2

Run them under cold water until the water runs clear (about 10 – 20 seconds). Then, squeezing out all the excess liquid.

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Step 3

Transfer shredded potatoes to a mixing bowl and add olive oil, garlic powder, salt, and pepper.

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Step 4

Spray the inside of your air fryer basket with avocado or olive oil spray. Pack shredded potatoes into an even layer.

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Step 5

Spray the top with extra avocado or olive oil spray and air fry for 12-16 minutes, until golden with crispy edges. No need to flip!

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You can use frozen hash browns too!

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